Tuesday, May 7, 2013

my morning so far

Hubby walks in from PT: "Hey that lightbulb blew this morning. I'm gonna have to change it"
me: "ok"
 him: "Do we have lightbulbs?"
 me: "yes. they're under the counter where they always are."
him: "do you know how to take the cover off this one?" So I get up, look, and point out that he needs to unscrew it. He walks over and grabs his gerber tool which is usually useless in these situations and SHOCKER: useless.
him: "Do we have any regular screwdrivers down here?"
me: "yep" So rather than grab out of the drawer, he drags out the huge toolbox, selects a screwdriver and starts to unscrew the cover from the ceiling fan. One screw successful.
him "This other one won't come out. WTF. I don't know what to do." So I get up, get up on the chair, reach up (which is still against my post-surgery dr. orders) and unscrew the screw. At this point I'm ready to send him back to work and do it myself. Not sure if when he walked in the door and told me the bulb blew if what he really meant was "You need to change the lightbulb" Anyway. He gets back up on the chair, unscrews another screw and it hits the floor. I ignore it. Pretend I don't see it because I'm not interested in getting back up. So he says "I dropped a screw on the floor {pouty face}" UGH. Up I get, find the screw, place it with the others and sit back down. plop. another screw hits the floor. "I dropped another one"
I find the need to explain the setting at this point. Large living room. Ceiling fan in center. Chair under ceiling fan. One side of the chair is wiiiiiiide open. The other side is next to the couch and what used to be my entry table but is the "perfect height" to be his couch table.
SO....He pulls off the ceiling fan cover and unscrews the bulb. Cover in one hand, bulb in the other, he turns to look at me and say "I don't think the bulbs we have are going to fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" BAM! lands on the table, rolls, bounces off the couch, turns, and hits the floor on the other side of the room yelling "OW OW OW" so I, trying to figure out if that was just really funny or as annoying as the whole situation so far yell,  "WTF, What happened" and he said "I was trying to get off of the chair and it fell over" OK. So you were stepping off of the chair where you had 6 inches of room instead of stepping off on the other side of the chair where you had ten feet? And now I have to go to the store and find one of these funny looking light bulbs.


  1. Oh man sandie! That was a good one! I do enjoy your posts xo

  2. LMAO...I can see this all happening as I read it...Mike is hilarious!