Monday, May 13, 2013

CVS and the smoke alarm

It's been a long weekend. My husband likes to stay up late when he doesn't have to get up for work the next morning because he knows I'll keep the kids from waking him up too early. Plus, the damn Survivor finale was three hours long so we were up late last night too. After putting the kids on the bus, I decided to crawl back into bed. It was 7:55. Mike rolls over and says "Can you set your alarm for 8 so I can get up?" " By the time I roll over, pull up the alarm and set it, it will be 8. I'll just kick you in about 4 minutes." So at 8 he got up and huffed and puffed as he got ready for work, no doubt because I decided to lay down. Either way, snuggled up with my Haylie, I managed to fall asleep. Then the damn smoke alarm started chirping. Like it does when the battery is running low. Instead of every hour or so like a normal smoke alarm this thing beeped every three minutes. So just as I was about to fall asleep, "chirp." Just when I thought it was going to stop "chirp" I put the pillow over my head and closed my eyes "chirp" I got up, closed the door and climbed back into "chirp" UGH. So then my phone rings. "This is CVS pharmacy calling to inform you that your prescription is ready to be picked up at blah blah highway 35 in Alvin. You can pick it up at your earliest convenience. Press 1 to speak to someone" So I press 1 and head downstairs, away from the chirping and while on hold, find a 9 volt battery. When someone picks up, I explain that I just got an automated call saying I had a script ready. I went on to explain that I don't use their pharmacy, never have, and there are at least 3 CVS pharmacies closer to my house. There must have been a mistake. The last name is Gagnon. She asks "What's the date of birth" so I reply, "There are five of us. Can't you just look in your little bins behind you and tell me which person it is?" "no ma'am I need your date of birth" "fine." I give her mine "and the name?" "Still Gagnon" "I don't have anything for that name, is there anything else I can help you with?" "Try this one" I give her Allysons. "and the name" "Gagnon" She sounds agitated "I don't have that one either" So I give her Beka's and she sighs. Like it's MY friggin fault she won't just look to see whose prescription she has. So I give her Haylie's. "the name on that one?" "GAGNON" "yes, I have Haylie's blah blah blah ointment ready. You can pick it up today if you want." "OK I explained to you that I don't use your pharmacy and we don't have any prescriptions that need to be filled." "It came from Dr. Sim and it was ready on the 10th" "Yes, that is her doctor but we haven't been in to see her in weeks. The prescription must be a mistake" "Ma'am I can put it back if you don't want it." "NO, I don't want it. It's not ours. I was just being nice by calling in the mistake and wasting 15 minutes of my day" UGH. I hung up, trudged up the stiars with one of my dining room chairs and changed that damn chirping smoke detector, head back to the kitchen for some coffee and I'm out of half and half. Good morning!!!

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