Friday, May 17, 2013

Does this crap only happen to me?

This is probably one of the worst week's ever. Several times I have found myself missing WV whether it's just my best friend's shoulder to cry on or my dentist or my vet. Yes, I actually miss the dental care in WV. Ironic right? I took the girls for their routine dental exam. Haylie had her first cavity :( So I made her a follow up appointment 3 days later to have it fixed. I got a call the day before confirming Rebeka's appointment. I informed them that Rebeka didn't have one, but Haylie did. They promised to fix it. I show up and check her in. A few minutes later the lady says "Mam, is this for Rebeka" I said no. It's for Haylie. Rebeka is her sister. She asked  what she was getting done so I explained she had a cavity and needed it fixed. A few minutes later the other lady asks me "Is Haylie getting treated too?" I say "No." So I went out and got Haylie's treatment plan from the car to show the lady. I should have ran right there. They brought some forms out for me to sign so they could numb her. I explained I'd prefer she only have gas if she absolutely needed it. Our last amazing dentist only used it when necessary and was able to, more often than not, treat my kids without it without even asking me. This one apparently uses it for all kids. We walk in the room and they have Haylie get up on a table with a back board on it. It was then I realized that they were going to restrain her. I was told "It comforts them and keeps them from hurting themselves" BULL SHIT. I told them no way they were doing that to her. They also said I needed to wait in the waiting room. Yea, no. Forget it. Have a nice day. So today I call a dentist recommended by a friend and they give me an appointment to come in this morning.

Before I leave, there is a HUGE mess that looks like puked up Ketchup on my floor. I scrub it and move about my business. I got to the office a few minutes late, apologized and filled out the forms. We went to the back and I explained that since it was so quick I wasn't able to get her XRays yet. The dentist found 5 count them 5 cavities in her mouth. The one that was pointed out by the first dentist and 4 really small ones the size of pin pricks in various places. She told her no more thumb sucking and said that its causing crowding in her mouth which will make these small cavities between the teeth more frequent. Wow. We take really good care of her teeth and I'm shocked. She promises me to let me stay with her as long as I don't make her nervous and that she doesn't restrain. If she isn't able to get her work done peacefully, they send her to a specialist that will put her out. Yea. That's not happening either. The little microscopic cavities that you can't see without magnification should not be hard to fix. So we make plans to make plans and we leave. Things just got more expensive. :sigh:

I get home and there are two small puddles of blood on my floor. I start freaking out. I'm pretty sure the "ketchup" I cleaned up earlier was not ketchup. So I called the old vet in WV and asked what to do. Obviously Haylie's teeth have to take priority, but I wanted to get the vet's opinion. I'm thinking there is no way we can afford an emergency vet visit right now since her dental bill just basically quadrupled in the last hour. The vet says that he should be fine as long as he's not lethargic, and, knowing Scooby, he ate something he wasn't supposed to. Unless it's black and tarry not to worry. If he's still having issues tomorrow, I need to find him a vet. So I head to the pet store hoping to find something along the lines of doggy gatorade to keep him hydrated. I pull in and reach for my wallet. Damn. So back home I go. When I get home, I realize that I have cash in my pocket. I stopped at HEB after Haylie's appointment because she wanted blueberries and took $20 back so I had cash to send her for school lunch. So I had $18 in my pocket. Damn. Luckily, it's been about 2 hours and doggie seems fine. I'm sure I'll be pulling ANOTHER bra strap out of his butt in the next day or so. But that's a different story.

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