Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The blog since the blog

It was over a year ago when I wrote my first blog post. My neighbor was trying to get me to try a new product when I already used something else. Who would have thought that one year later this is where I would be? I tried that product. I loved that product. I stood behind that product. And that product has given me so many amazing gifts in return. Friends. This has been the best gift of all. As a military wife who moves a lot, it's hard to make new friends. Especially since my husband is AGR and we don't usually live on or near a military base with other women going through the same thing. I've got a great new tool to make friends. The rest is just a bonus in my opinion. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This weekend was AMAZING. To think, I had almost decided not to go. But I wanted to lead by example so I packed my bags and headed to Nashville, Tennessee for our 3rd Annual Pink Zebra Family Reunion (yes, third, we are 3 years old, ground floor, and quickly making a name for ourselves in this industry, come back here in 5 years and we'll chat about how awesome this is).
Friday: I was scared out of my mind on Friday when I showed up to register for this part of the weekend. Leadership meeting. As a brand new manager I would be surrounded by the top leaders in this company. Yes, they've kind of got celebrity status with us consultants and I got to have lunch in the same room with them. It was delicious. Then we got a private leadership training by one of the greats in this industry. If you haven't heard of Belinda Ellsworth, you're probably not in direct sales (yet. want to join my team?). She was awesome and gave me some great tips on leading that I'm already starting to implement! A quick change of clothes and we were off to the Grand Ole Opry! We got to go back stage for drinks and snacks. We cleaned them out of coconut rum. We all had floor seats for the show (which included Brad Paisley). It was such an amazing experience and I couldn't have picked better people to share it with than the leaders who helped me to succeed. That was just the first day! 
Saturday: Saturday was so exciting! I walked in the room and it was FILLED with zebras! I'm so impressed that so many came out to reunion, see the fall line, and learn some tips to boost their business! The morning brought recognition and I got to walk across the stage as a Manager! I received a pink rose and, of course, my manager necklace!! It's so cute. I think everyone should have one! We took a group picture and were treated to lunch. Then, another great seminar by Belinda Ellsworth! Then, it was workshop time! I was soooo honored to be one of only 4 managers asked to host a workshop. Partnered with another manager, we were able to deliver information to other consultants on what was working for us so we could help them succeed. I was TERRIFIED! But I did it. And it was FUN! Honestly I don't remember much because I was so nervous and kind of blacked out, but I've gotten great feedback. :) After workshops I got to spend some time with my family that came with me to Nashville. We got to have dinner together, then it was back for the reveal!!! I was soooo excited to see the new fall and winter products and smell the new scents. I definitely have a favorite, but I won't tell!! Dessert and Drinks were yummy and we were given lots of goodies to take home. I bought some more catalogs (who wants one?). I was sooooo tired when I got back to my room but my head was spinning with penguins and snowmen I could barely sleep! 

Sunday morning I was sooooo tired, but not ready to stop! The excitement of the morning was enough to get me going! We were told we were able to offer $25 off the starter kit this month. Woot woot. But the big announcement was our next incentive trip. We're going to Jamaica!! For FREE! All expenses paid! I was so close last year. This year I'm GOING! Who is coming with me? It's so easy to do if you work at it steadily. I've already got my plan! We had one final seminar from Belinda (she's so awesome, I love everything she has to say) and more workshops from our peers. Our founder even sang for us :) I learned so much from everyone. I just had to soak it all in. Then I headed back to my room to shower and change for our dinner cruise on the General Jackson. Great food. Great people. Great night. I watched some of the top performers receive much deserved awards. I even made one of the top 100 lists myself (omg top 100 in the company??? That's soooo awesome!!!). We also found out that our next reunion is going to be a little closer to home. San Antonio, here I come!!! 

The loot:
As a leader I was given a beautiful leather bag and clutch. A pink and white zebra striped scarf. I also got a commemorative back stage pass and one of our gorgeous shades from our fall line. Plus a reunion planner to take notes! Don't forget the real backstage pass and ticket to the Grand Ole Opry, lunch, dinner and drinks! On Saturday, consultants were given our new fall Sprinkle testers, a single catalog, one of our beautiful new shades, and if they attended our last rally, they got a bonus red warmer! Plus 2 empty jars to fill with a single scent or recipe of their choice! Plus, in our rooms, we were given a 2-dish simmer pot and 2 jars of an exclusive scent! I also got my necklace for promoting to manager! How awesome is that? On top of all of the information I retained which was priceless! I love my "job."  Why are you not doing this with me??? <---- Go there and get started so you can come hang with me in Jamaica and San Antonio!!!

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