Saturday, June 21, 2014

generic sunscreen

For your benefit I will not post a picture. I am having MAJOR skin-feels-like-it's-on-fire problems today. Laying in bed last night I was belting out the Alicia Keys tune trying to make light of my situation. I recently bought some store-brand spray on sunscreen. I was going to go for the good stuff as usual, but the store brand stuff was on sale. And I had a coupon for 20% off of store-brand merchandise. So I went the cheap route. Anyway, a friend and I packed our 5 kids ranging from 2-9 into the car yesterday and took them to the beach. Upon our arrival, I broke out the sunscreen and started spraying kids down. One of mine hates the lotion and prefers the spray. One of my hates the spray and prefers the lotion. I usually keep some water babies lotion in the car for her but we weren't in my car. So I proceeded to spray my hands with the stuff and wipe it all over her. I handed over the can to my friend to spray her 2 year old because I'm pretty clumsy and not interested in being responsible for spraying a kid in the eyes. When she's done with it, she chucks it in the sand. Let me put this into perspective for you. My hands were COVERED in the stuff as I was wiping my daughter down. Therefore the sunscreen was all over the can. My friend chucked it into the sand and there is now sand all over the can. It's my turn to get sunscreened. so I pick up the sand covered can and spray myself all over. now my hands are covered in sand. Whatever, I sprayed myself. I'm good, right? wrong. After 2-3 hours at the beach we jammed these tired kids back in the car and by the time we made it to sonic for half priced slushies, I was feeling like my shoulders were frying on a pancake griddle. I look down and I have STRIPES ON MY SKIN. Apparently the places where I sprayed directly were very well protected and the rest of me were a nice shade of boiled lobster. I should also mention that this FRIEND I went to the beach with is getting married next week and guess who is the made of honor? She's going to have a zebra striped maid of honor in her wedding pictures alllll because I couldn't rub the sunscreen in with my sandy hands. OK it's not entirely her fault. But it's much more fun to blame her than have her mad at me for looking like a bottle of ketchup in her wedding pictures.

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