Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why I'll never shop at Walmart again

I hold grudges. It often takes a lot to piss me off. I let things build and build and one small thing will set me off and leave a permanent scar. It's the same for people places and things. Forgiveness is rare. For example, as a kid, one clown pissed me off and now I won't even let my kids go to the circus. I know. I'm a terrible Mom. But if anything at all threatens my kids, look out world, it's Hurricane Sandie (no pun intended). So while away on a short 4 day family vacation, we needed some snacks for our hotel room. Plus, the kids were already bored with all of the crap they brought with them so we needed something new to occupy them with. A quick GPS search showed a Walmart fairly close by and a Kroger a little farther. SPOILER ALERT: We chose wrong. We decided on Walmart because it was closer and we assumed we would have better luck in their toy department. We neglected to notice the rough neighborhood we ended up in as we drove there. When we got inside, my husband grabbed a shopping cart and was going to let our youngest sit inside. However, when he put the seat down, he noticed something a little "off" upon closer inspection, he found a razor blade sharp side up wedged in the seat. Had we put our kid in that seat, she would have been sliced open. Had it hit an artery in her tiny body, she may have been killed. I decided we needed to alert the powers that be to the problem. So we started pushing the cart in the direction of customer service. Along the way, the blade fell from the cart. I wouldn't let him pick it up, so my husband kicked it off to the side and parked the cart on top of it while we went over to the customer service counter. Along the way, I asked several different employees for help. They all told me to go over to customer service. I explained that I didn't want to wait in line and this one woman told me "well the manager is right there, go talk to her" fine, bitch, I will. So I called over the manager and explained what happened. She stated "they are supposed to check those carts. Where did you put that razor blade?" So we pointed her in the direction and started walking to the back of the store for the much needed board game and bottle of wine. It wasn't until the shock wore off that I started to think OMG. what just happened? Did some moron who was opening boxes with a box cutter change out his blade and forget to throw the old one out? Or worse, did someone put that there to intentionally harm a child? What would have happened if we didn't see it? What would have happened to someone else's child if they didn't check the cart first? Then I started to think about the manager's lack of interest in the dangerous situation that we averted and couldn't even offer an apology!!! ugh. I remember the days when I lived in NJ that we would go nuts at Walmart buying everything in sight because we rarely got to shop there since there wasn't one close by. Now, we live close to one and I try not to shop there whenever possible. This situation really opened my eyes and as I started looking around I realized the quality of people I was surrounded by. This place sold wine by the gallon jug for like $4. I haven't seen those jugs since I was a kid. That's a large step down from boxed wine. My husband likes boxed wine. I prefer the bottle that you can recap. Once in a while we'll even get a bottle with a cork. Now that's classy. I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm too good for wine in a jug and apparently Walmart has become the jug wine of grocery stores. Once in a while I'll go to Kroger, the corked wine of grocery stores, but I fit better somewhere in the middle. This incident and the fact that the manager was neither alarmed nor sorry, has led me to want to never shop at any Walmart again, ever. I guess it's going to be another 20 years or more before I see another gallon jug of wine. Like I said, I hold grudges.

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