Saturday, June 15, 2013

this is why i don't associate with most women...

Vent time. I was invited to a baby shower. I misplaced the invitation but I was pretty sure it was at 1pm. When I confirmed it with a friend who was helping to throw it, she said "no, it's at 2" So when Mike's fire department asked him to help with their fund drive this morning until around 12:30 I told him it was fine. Well last night we were chatting and someone else informed us the shower was at 11am. So I said "crap. I can't go" It's not like we have so much family and friends in the area that I can find a babysitter at 10pm for the next morning. It's part of being a military wife. The people that I choose to be friends with understand this. So my friend tells me to bring the girls. I tell her to ask _____ if it was OK because I'm not the type to just show up with my kids. So over a facebook chat in the next half hour or so, this girl makes comments like "they better be behaved little girls" and "we can just lock them in the room" and "i'm hiding all of the toys" and "my kid won't like sharing his wii, ipad, ds, xbox blah blah blah insert every video game you can think of" and "my house isn't kid friendly" etc. etc. etc. She has a set of "rules" for people attending the shower that makes it sound like a bunch of five year olds were attending so what's the difference? I just have a few things to say to this.
1- My kids are well behaved. Probably the most well behaved kids you will ever meet. I raised them right.
2-You did not see me complaining when I had never even MET you and your child came into my house and turned my playroom upside down dumping bucket after bucket of toys looking for something  suitable to play with. I also did not complain when I asked the boys nicely to pick up and put away what they played with and they ignored me. Don't worry, my well behaved children cleaned up after him.
3- I don't "lock my children in a room" and that 12 year old little girl you were going to put in charge of them busted her butt to help you with that shower. She deserved to attend the shower. Not babysit.
4- Your kid can keep his video games. My kids don't play them. They do productive things like read, write, make things, and dance.
5- "my house isn't kid friendly" Bitch, you have a kid!
6- Maybe you should think twice about offering to have a party at your parents' house. You have plenty of friends that have their own house that don't require you to come one step short of wrapping everyone in saran wrap so they don't disturb a speck of dust in the house.
7- A simple "I didn't plan on having kids here" would have done.
8- I hope you enjoy your party. My husband decided to stay home with the kids this morning. However, I decided I would much rather hang out with my "well behaved" children than with you.
9- I hope you enjoyed the house full of uninvited kids I heard showed up. I hope they enjoyed being locked in a room and staring at a wall because you "hid all the toys" and "your kid doesn't like to share" I'm glad I asked first because I wouldn't have wanted my children to feel so unwelcome.

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  1. I have to say, you're awesome. Everyone seems to be so worried about whose in with who and whose on the outs with who that no one takes the time to find out what's going on, whose more important (such as children) and what matters most these days.