Sunday, August 2, 2015

Counting my blessings

sometimes we al just need to stop and think about how blessed we truly are. No matter how crazy life seems, each and every difficult experience is actually a blessing. Our most recent pcs was difficult on our kids. It was hard for them to leave their house, their friends, their school. We knew it would get harder as they got older, but we didn't realize the emotional attachment we had to their friends too. Many of them had become part of our family. For me, I had built a thriving pink zebra  business in Texas. I had an amazing team who had become some of my best friends, awesome customers, and a steady monthly income. I was worried about starting over! On top of that a good portion of our household goods came up missing, there was lots of damage to our furniture, and it took forever to get here! it was so stressful. But it's all helped me realize how blessed we are. We have had more time together as a family. The girls are bonding with one another because they don't have a friend's house to escape to. We've been hiking, playing outside, board games and Barbie dolls. They may not have realized it, but their best friends go with them anywhere they go. Sisters are best friends for life. As for me, my team is still awesome, I just don't see them everyday. They're still working their butts off and I'm so proud of them! I also get to build a team here! How awesome is that? My customers still love me and my business is still thriving. Plus, our new incentive trip was released today and I am definitely earning this all expenses paid trip to Costa Rica! These are things I've never dreamed of doing. My husband's job blesses us with the ability to live all over the country. I never thought I'd find my way out of New Jersey! But I've lived in the mountains of West Virginia. Spent a few years in Houston Texas and how I get to live in vegas! Yes! Vegas! And my job allows me the opportunity to make new friends anywhere we end up, the opportunity to travel for free! Plus they've given me some fabulous bling! I am truly blessed. Sprinkles. Who knew?

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  1. I always thank good every time I wake up in the morning for a new life. I always pray that he will guide us most specially my hubby because he is deployed.

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