Friday, January 24, 2014

The case of the missing ice scraper

Yay! 2 hour delay which means I got to sleep in this morning right?? wrong. My brain decided to wake up at 6:45 and wonder why my alarm wasn't going off. I managed to doze in and out for the next two hours before it was time to get up. Had the kids dressed in warm clothes when Ally started whining that her outfit was "hot" so I told her she could change. I refuse to complain about what she decided to wear..... So off to the bus stop where we stood in the cold for 15 minutes while ice fell from the sky. No bus. Of course this doesn't mean that they can stay home because Allyson has perfect attendance and she won't let that happen. So I'm driving them. We walk home, get Haylie dressed and in shoes and head out to the car which is frozen shut. Yes, this has motivated me to organize the garage so my car fits in there again. Later. Now I can't find my ice scraper. I look everywhere! I live in Houston, so it's not like I use it every year, but it should still be in my car where it belongs. Whatever. It's gone. I blame my husband. So I get the heat pumping and the wipers on and we play the waiting game. A lovely rendition of "What does the fox say" blasts through the speakers. Eventually, the ice melts enough to where I can use my Larry the Cable guy Christmas CD cover to scrape the ice out of my way! If nothing else goes wrong, we'll make it to school without a tardy and her perfect attendance will be saved! I forgot to factor in the fact that there are like 70 other kids on their bus who also need to be driven to school today. So we waited as the drop off line inched up while the minutes ticked by. As soon as I got close enough i opened the door and shoved them out. 10:15 on the dot! run! There were at least 40 cars behind me so unless the office staff wants to get carpal tunnel writing out tardy slips, I think they're all getting a free pass for the day. I pull out of the line to find cars pulled up on the side of the school letting their kids out in the "walker" line. For real? Are you that lazy you can't wait in line for a few minutes and instead, you're letting your 6 year old out of the car in the middle of the street where he needs to cross without a crossing guard because you're late and the guard has already left? UGH. Some people. Man! I need a coffee. So Haylie and I head to Starbucks. I can'e even make a left turn into the place, the drive-thru is so packed. But I've already promised the kid a hot chocolate and I hadn't brushed my hair so we're sticking it out. 30 minutes later, coffee in hand, we head. home! I pull into the driveway, open the garage and there, on top of the single piece of furniture that is blocking me from being able to park in the garage.... is my ice scraper. ::sigh::

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