Friday, September 20, 2013

So I was having a bad day...

So I was having a bad day. I was drenched from head to toe on 3 separate occasions. The second, the worst, happened when I was taking Haylie to the bus stop. It was partly cloudy when we left and walked 4 houses down and across the street. But the bus was late. And after about 10 minutes of waiting (we always get there 5 minutes early) I saw the rain coming. So I prayed that the bus would hurry and get there before the rain. I didn't care if I was wet, but I didn't want poor Haylie to get drenched. No such luck. By the time we made it back across the street and 4 houses down, we were both soaked. We got changed and made poor sick Beka get dressed and come with us to drop her off a few minutes late at school. So after the third time I was soaked for the day, I trudged into the grocery store. And there, in the corner on the bottom shelf, was my Scampi sauce! The kind I have not been able to find since moving to Texas. The kind that I used to drive 50 minutes out of my way for at our last duty station. It always takes me time to settle into a new place and find the things that I love. My final mission has been accomplished. After normal things like decent grocery store, school, church, post office, my missions are as follows: Find Jersey food! A girls gotta eat! I need to find a good pizza place, yummy Chinese food, pork roll, Salt and Vinegar potato chips, and Shrimp Scampi sauce!!! And I finally found that Shrimp Scampi sauce!!! You know what this means? We're getting PCS orders soon. There is no way the Army is going to let me be this happy for too long! Yes, it's the little things like Shrimp Scampi for dinner that make me forget taking 3 showers outdoors fully clothed today.

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